it feels as though
i have begun this journey
of a new life
I wonder what sort of fable I am to your friends
Or how far you’ll go to make amends
Seein you take advantage 
But speak commandments
Is this how it ends?
Flip floppin steady knockin and tik tokin 
Hearin chicks talk talkin 
Sure as hell ain’t walkin while they coppin 
Stalkin up on trends
This stretch to flex like others
To dress like others is
Makin us paper thin
Instead of
Spendin time with our mothers
Bustin jokes with our brothers 
Who are we from within?
green jacket
big and warm
tightly knit 

here i sit
no uniform
green jacket 
“If our people could learn to help each other grow”
Says a homeless man on the sidewalk
Then we could do things that you would never know 
On same streets that I walk
The same streets that we walk 
These new words I now talk
First time come around say nothin
Second time she come up you say somethin
Tell her baby I need some good lovin
She grabbed you by your hand and said, “I’ll show you what you wasn’t.”
What I wasn’t?
Mmm I’ll show you what we can be
As long as your heart is full and free
The thing that makes us is you n me
Past the lust, into your soul I wanna see
express myself
to impress myself
yeah i dress myself 
not to flex my wealth
tryna stretch my mind
drop the quest to find
the rewind
all the time
doin fine doin fine

++ find wealth in self
Get your hands off me
You don’t know me like that
Betta back yourself up
Before your face gets slapped
I might be smol but
Best believe that doesn’t mean jack
This one will break you until your gat damn skull cracks
Nothin on the brain
There is no flow of consciousness today
Got nothin to say
Won’t stay up too late
Get outta my face
This rhyme is a waste
You you you
Against them them them 
Never an us you trust
Cuz you gotta get revenge 
I went to see if the door was unlocked
It was not
So I sat by you 
And we talked
A few more passed by
Asking you why
You told them a lie
And with no conflict, they’d sigh
Too afraid to speak up
Too afraid to be
Wrong is not an option
But to be right is to be overseen
Walk in time to the sound of what you’ve heard 
on the grounds that make you learn more about yourself
Speak, speak in depth over the things you want to change 
cuz nobody’s gonna rearrange you but you
Listen, listen, listen in addition to the thoughts that form your mind, 
form your love, form your drive, form your muse
I know that things will come from somewhere deeper than what’s fun
 but the outcome will walk, speak & listen to you
Because no matter how many times you say it in reassurance, actions will always speak louder in the occurrence

Because they don’t care how much you dream about the things you ain’t seen
It’s always sweeter in the cream than anything in their twisted stream

Because the walk in life is longer than a mile and this thing you do will fail trial after trial with repeated notions that fight you like Trojans in the war beneath your skin that will never mend with this trend 

Okay because for your sake you are forced to take and take
Take all that you were never given 
Out of your life they have driven

Because the moment you win
A new sentence will begin
Starting all over again
Just you, you and Adriane
Curious as to what you may think
Curious as to what you might link to my 
Ghost of a presence from your convalescence
Modern day apparition 
We never pay attention 
I’m sorry to have left you alone again
Wait, I’ve got my own reason of doubt
Reasons to shout
A reason to hate the thought living without that 
Reason being you
Some reason that carries the dark seasons residue because I don’t feel like you love me too
The first day I saw you I remember I couldn’t forget your name 
I walked up without a clue of how to get you to see me too
The suspense remained
I found a place I can run away with you
Lights up like space underneath the starry view 
Your hands in mine dancing the night away 
into your eyes I see 
a beautiful dream
I stayed a little longer on the mountaintop 
And cried a little harder over what was lost between you and I
We had this love, was never enough
You broke the trust so I gave up my lust

I miss the way you’d hold my hand
and kiss me deep into the nights end
Dancing in your arms underneath the stars in between the sun and the moon
I’ll always miss being next to you
I have never held the hands of another
Or kissed the lips of romance
I have never ever called someone my lover
Or gotten the chance to share a slow dance

Spending each night alone
Loosing touch with wonder and lust
No more clinging to my phone
Or thoughts of love, I might bust
So many red flags
But I told the refs to go away 
Cuz I thought my defense was enough
To execute the play 
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